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(025) Off Limits

* * *
3 bayonets

Written by
George F. Slavin
Directed by
Robert Altman

Produced by Robert Altman

First aired 19-Feb-1963 (Episode 20 of Season 1)


Jeremy Slate and Peggy Ann Garner guest star as Cpl. Andy March and his wife, Army nurse Lt. Amelia March. In "Off Limits," March meets his wife while returning from a mission. Hanley promises to arrange a short leave to spend with his wife. But when Kirby’s temper lands him in the stockade, March takes his place on a dangerous mission.



In his farewell directorial assignment for Combat!, Robert Altman assembled a fine cast of actors for a story of infidelity, betrayal, and loyalty. William Windom is properly attractive and fatherly as the doctor that tempts the married nurse. Though the character seems untroubled by his own relationship with a married woman, he finds her moral behavior inappropriate when he meets the husband. Oh, well, it’s the sixties, after all, so it should be the woman’s fault, and Windom pulls it off with such confidence that it barely detracts from the story. Peggy Ann Garner, who first came to prominence as a child actress playing the young Jane in the 1944 Jane Eyre and the leading role of Francie Nolan in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, plays the very adult, adulteress wife.

Continuing with his concept of a core cast of regular squad members, Altman brought Arnold Merritt back as Crown. He first introduced the character in "Rear Echelon Commandos" and again in "I Swear by Apollo." Unfortunately, the character seems to have left with Altman, since this is Crown’s last appearance, though the actor reappears in a later episode under a different character name.

The highlights of this episode are Saunders’ two speeches: one to Kirby, who, though his own actions lead to March’s wounding, still has the gall to look down on Marsh’s wife, and the second to the wife. Saunders’ words are reminiscent of Bogart’s classic speech at the airway to Ingrid Bergman. Hanley also shines in all officer glory as he dresses down Private Crown for being AWOL.

"Off Limits" is a fine episode, with strong acting, and an interesting look at people exploring the limits of loyalty in their relationships. Crown, Kirby, and Lt. Marsh must all redefine for themselves what will be off limits for them in the future.


  • Kirby has a bandaid on his right hand, on the pinky, during the scene where he's leaning over the side of the truck talking to Marsh.
  • Marsh’s wife is with the 325th evac hospital.
  • This episode gives Jack Hogan another solo credit.
  • No closing credits for either Jeremy Slate or Peggy Ann Garner.


Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders
Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley

Jack Hogan as Kirby
Pierre Jalbert as Caje
Dick Peabody as Littlejohn
Tom Lowell as Billy Nelson

Arnold Merritt as Crown
Mark Ryan as Hanson
Andre Phillippe as Andre
Marie Gomez as Claire
Maxine Arnold as 2nd Nurse
Betty Tesman1st as Nurse
William Windom as Captain Lew Anders

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