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(016) Reunion

Guest stars Will Kuluva and Chris Robinson
play a re-united father and son

Rating: 3 bayonets
* * *

Written by Art Wallace
Directed by Paul Stanley
Produced by Robert Blees

First aired January 1, 1963
Season 13, Episode1


* * * "Reunion," by Art Wallace, is the type of plot we see little of in Combat!--a love story. In this delicately crafted script, an American soldier is reunited with his estranged French father after a seventeen year separation. It's a happy meeting for both, with the bonds of love easily re-established despite the passage of time. But the war intervenes to separate them once again -- the French resistance arrests his father as a suspected collaborator just as Paul must return to his unit to face a German advance.

Later, when Paul is trapped in the German occupied town with a wounded Saunders, he turns to his father for help. At first his father refuses, but ultimately accepts the soldiers and treats Saunders' wounds. As Paul waits in hiding, he begins to question whether his father really is a collaborator and if he has risked both his and Saunders' life in trusting to this father he barely knows. "Reunion" is a brilliantly written story of love, trust, suspicion, betrayal, and forgiveness.

Guest stars Will Kuluva as Dr. Emile Villette and Chris Robinson as Paul Villette both give remarkable performances. Their scenes together are touching and poignant, especially their first meeting. It would be easy for actors to overplay the emotionally-charged scenes and make them maudlin, but these two fine actors portray the many levels of emotions with dignity and strength. Morrow is superb as Saunders in this episode. Wounded for much of the story, he still offers support to this soldier under his charge. Thankfully, no PPTs here. Just quiet strength, even when he's about to pass out on his feet. It's interesting that one of the few times the word "love" is used in this strongly male-oriented show, the love expressed is a son's love for his father.

Chris Robinson, Vic Morrow, Angela Clarke

Notes, Oddities, and Bloopers

  • Can't the closing credit people get together with the production people? The problem seemed to be fixed by second season, but several of the first season credits are incorrect. The character names are "Villette" in the show, but are credited as "Villers". Credits also list a Colonel Hoffman. But no Colonel appears in the episode, though a Lieutenant and a Captain have featured speaking roles. Which of these is the actor incorrectly credited as Colonel Hoffman is anyone's guess.
  • Why does Paul leave his M1 behind? He should have been carrying both Saunders' Thompson and his own rifle.
  • Nice fog all around the squad that's dug in ... except the fog doesn't manage to get to the squad, it's just all around them wherever they look.

Emile Genest, Will Kuluva

Cast Credits

Vic Morrow
as Sgt. Saunders

Rick Jason
as Lt. Hanley
[NOTE: Jason does not appear in episode]

Will Kuluva as Emile Villers
Chris Robinson as Paul Villers
Steven Rogers as Doc
Pierre Jalbert as Caje
Dick Peabody as Littlejohn

Angela Clarke ..... Claire Bouchard
Fifi D'Orsay ..... Mme. Fouquet
Emile Genest ..... Henri Fouquet
Henry Rowland ..... Colonel Hoffman

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